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Of or pertaining to a pygmy; resembling a pygmy or dwarf; dwarfish; very small.

  1. A member of one of various Ancient Equatorial African tribal peoples, notable for their very short stature
  2. A member of a race of dwarfs
  3. Any dwarfish person
  4. An insignificant person, at least in some respect
  5. Relating or belonging to the Pygmy people
  6. Like a pygmy; unusually short or small for its kind

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× വാമനൻ - Vaamanan | Vamanan
× ഒരാഫ്രിക്കന്‍ ഗോത്രജനവിഭാഗം - Oraaphrikkan‍ Gothrajanavibhaagam | Oraphrikkan‍ Gothrajanavibhagam
× വാമനന്‍ - Vaamanan‍ | Vamanan‍


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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