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Sand easily moved or readily yielding to pressure; especially, a deep mass of loose or moving sand mixed with water, sometimes found at the mouth of a river or along some coasts, and very dangerous, from the difficulty of extricating a person who begins sinking into it.

  1. A bed of loose sand mixed with water forming a soft shifting mass that yields easily to pressure and tends to engulf any object resting on its surface.
  2. A place or situation into which entry can be swift and sudden but from which extrication can be difficult or impossible. Often used in the plural: "This theory of the future entrapped [them] in the quicksands of Vietnam” ( Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.)

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× ചതി - Chathi
× ചുഴിമണല്‍ - Chuzhimanal‍
× ചുഴിമണൽ - Chuzhimanal
× അതിമൃദു - Athimrudhu
× സൈകതം - Saikatham


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