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The female of the ruff.

  1. The elected president of a town council in some parts of Canada.
  2. Any of various minor officers of parishes or other local authorities.
  3. A bailiff or steward of a manor in the later medieval period.
  4. A high officer of local administration appointed by the Anglo-Saxon kings.
  5. Nautical To pass (a rope or rod) through a hole, ring, pulley, or block.
  6. Nautical To fasten by passing through or around.
  7. Nautical To pass a rope or rod through (a hole, ring, pulley, or block).
  8. The female ruff.

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× തുളയില്‍ക്കൂടി കടത്തുക - Thulayil‍kkoodi Kadaththuka | Thulayil‍kkoodi Kadathuka
× തുളയിൽക്കൂടി കടത്തുക - Thulayilkkoodi Kadaththuka | Thulayilkkoodi Kadathuka
× കാര്യസ്ഥൻ - Kaaryasthan | Karyasthan
× പട്ടണത്തിലെ മുഖ്യന്യായാധിപന്‍ - Pattanaththile Mukhyanyaayaadhipan‍ | Pattanathile Mukhyanyayadhipan‍
× കാര്യസ്ഥന്‍ - Kaaryasthan‍ | Karyasthan‍
× പട്ടണത്തിലെ മുഖ്യന്യായാധിപൻ - Pattanaththile Mukhyanyaayaadhipan | Pattanathile Mukhyanyayadhipan


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