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An expression of thought in numbers, measure, or verse; a composition in verse; a rhymed tale; poetry; harmony of language.

  1. Correspondence of terminal sounds of words or of lines of verse.
  2. A poem or verse having a regular correspondence of sounds, especially at the ends of lines.
  3. Poetry or verse of this kind.
  4. A word that corresponds with another in terminal sound, as behold and cold.
  5. To form a rhyme.
  6. To compose rhymes or verse.
  7. To make use of rhymes in composing verse.
  8. To put into rhyme or compose with rhymes.
  9. To use (a word or words) as a rhyme.

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ഒരേ ഉച്ചാരണം വരുത്തുക - Ore Uchaaranam Varuththuka | Ore Ucharanam Varuthuka ;പ്രാസം - Praasam | Prasam ;ലഘു കവിത - Laghu Kavitha ;സദൃശപദം - Sadhrushapadham ;തുല്യോച്ചാരണപദം - Thulyochaaranapadham | Thulyocharanapadham ;അനുപ്രാസം - Anupraasam | Anuprasam ;

ഉച്ചാരണതുല്യത ഉണ്ടാക്കുക - Uchaaranathulyatha Undaakkuka | Ucharanathulyatha Undakkuka ;പ്രാസമൊരുക്കുക - Praasamorukkuka | Prasamorukkuka ;പദ്യം - Padhyam ;കവിത രചിക്കുക - Kavitha Rachikkuka ;തുല്യോച്ചാരണപദം - Thulyochaaranapadham | Thulyocharanapadham ;പദ്യമാക്കുക - Padhyamaakkuka | Padhyamakkuka ;


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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