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A trough or sluice having cleats, grooves, or steps across the bottom for holding quicksilver and catching particles of gold when auriferous earth is washed; also, one of the cleats, grooves, or steps in such a trough. Also called ripple.

  1. A rocky shoal or sandbar lying just below the surface of a waterway.
  2. A stretch of choppy water caused by such a shoal or sandbar; a rapid.
  3. In mining, the sectional stone or wood bottom lining of a sluice, arranged for trapping mineral particles, as of gold.
  4. A groove or block in such a lining.
  5. Games The act or an instance of shuffling cards.
  6. Games To shuffle (playing cards) by holding part of a deck in each hand and raising up the edges before releasing them to fall alternately in one stack.
  7. To thumb through (the pages of a book, for example).
  8. Games To shuffle cards.
  9. To become choppy, as water.


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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