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A cruciferous plant (Eruca sativa) sometimes eaten in Europe as a salad.

  1. A rocket engine.
  2. A vehicle or device propelled by one or more rocket engines, especially such a vehicle designed to travel through space.
  3. A projectile weapon carrying a warhead that is powered and propelled by rockets.
  4. A projectile firework having a cylindrical shape and a fuse that is lit from the rear.
  5. To move swiftly and powerfully, as a rocket
  6. To fly swiftly straight up, as a game bird frightened from cover.
  7. To soar or rise rapidly: The book rocketed to the top of the bestseller list.
  8. To carry by means of a rocket.
  9. To assault with rockets.
  10. See arugula.
  11. Any of several plants of the mustard family, especially the dame's rocket and the sea rocket.

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× മുനയില്ലാത്ത കുന്തം - Munayillaaththa Kuntham | Munayillatha Kuntham
× വാണം - Vaanam | Vanam
× ബാഹ്യാകാശനിരീക്ഷണത്തിനായി അയയ്ക്കപ്പെടുന്ന പരീക്ഷണബാണം - Baahyaakaashanireekshanaththinaayi Ayaykkappedunna Pareekshanabaanam | Bahyakashanireekshanathinayi Ayaykkappedunna Pareekshanabanam
× ആകാശബാണം - Aakaashabaanam | akashabanam
× ഉയരുക - Uyaruka
× അതിവേഗത്തില്‍ ഉയരുക - Athivegaththil‍ Uyaruka | Athivegathil‍ Uyaruka


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