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A round building; especially, one that is round both on the outside and inside, like the Pantheon at Rome. Less properly, but very commonly, used for a large round room; as, the rotunda of the Capitol at Washington.

  1. A circular building, especially one with a dome.
  2. A large area with a high ceiling, as in a hotel lobby.
  3. A large round room.

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× ഗോളശാല - Golashaala | Golashala
× വൃത്താകാരഗൃഹം - Vruththaakaaragruham | Vruthakaragruham
× വൃത്താകാരഗൃഹാന്തരം - Vruththaakaaragruhaantharam | Vruthakaragruhantharam
× ഗോളശാല - Golashaala | Golashala
× അഴുകിയ - Azhukiya
× നശിച്ച - Nashicha


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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