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That part of any work in the early manuscripts and typography which was colored red, to distinguish it from other portions.

  1. A class or category: "This mission is sometimes discussed under the rubric of 'horizontal escalation' . . . from conventional to nuclear war” ( Jack Beatty).
  2. A title; a name.
  3. A part of a manuscript or book, such as a title, heading, or initial letter, that appears in decorative red lettering or is otherwise distinguished from the rest of the text.
  4. A title or heading of a statute or chapter in a code of law.
  5. Ecclesiastical A direction in a missal, hymnal, or other liturgical book.
  6. An authoritative rule or direction.
  7. A short commentary or explanation covering a broad subject.
  8. Red ocher.
  9. Red or reddish.
  10. Written in red.


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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