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The act of breaking apart, or separating; the state of being broken asunder; as, the rupture of the skin; the rupture of a vessel or fiber; the rupture of a lutestring.

  1. The process or instance of breaking open or bursting.
  2. The state of being broken open.
  3. A break in friendly relations.
  4. Pathology A hernia, especially of the groin or intestines.
  5. Pathology A tear in an organ or a tissue: rupture of an appendix; ligament rupture.
  6. To break open; burst.
  7. To undergo or suffer a rupture.

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× തകരല്‍ - Thakaral‍
× അംഗഭംഗം - Amgabhamgam
× തകരുക - Thakaruka
× ആന്ത്രവൃദ്ധി - Aanthravruddhi | anthravrudhi


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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