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Any plant of several tropical American species of Smilax.

  1. Any of several tropical American plants of the genus Smilax, having fragrant roots used as a flavoring.
  2. The dried roots of any of these plants.
  3. A sweet soft drink flavored with these roots.
  4. Either of two North American plants (Aralia hispida or A. nudicaulis) having umbels of small white flowers and bipinnately compound leaves.

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× നന്നാറി,നറുനീണ്ടി - Nannaari,naruneendi | Nannari,naruneendi
× നറുനീണ്ടസത്ത്‌ - Naruneendasaththu | Naruneendasathu
× മത്തി - Maththi | Mathi
× നന്നാറി - Nannaari | Nannari


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