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An attendant attached to a prince or other powerful person; hence, an obsequious dependent.

  1. Astronomy A celestial body that orbits a planet; a moon.
  2. Aerospace An object launched to orbit Earth or another celestial body.
  3. A nation dominated politically and economically by another nation.
  4. An urban or suburban community located near a big city.
  5. One who attends a powerful dignitary; a subordinate.
  6. A subservient follower; a sycophant.
  7. Genetics A short segment of a chromosome separated from the rest by a constriction, typically associated with the formation of a nucleolus.
  8. Microbiology A colony of microorganisms whose growth in culture medium is enhanced by certain substances produced by another colony in its proximity.

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വാലില്‍തൂങ്ങി - Vaalil‍thoongi | Valil‍thoongi ;അകമ്പടിക്കാരന്‍ - Akampadikkaaran‍ | Akampadikkaran‍ ;ഉപഗ്രഹം - ഉപഗ്രഹം ;അനുചരന്‍ - Anucharan‍ ;ഉപകേതു - Upakethu ;അധീനരാജ്യം - Adheenaraajyam | Adheenarajyam ;

ആശ്രിതന്‍ - Aashrithan‍ | ashrithan‍ ;പാര്‍ശ്വവര്‍ത്തി - Paar‍shvavar‍ththi | Par‍shvavar‍thi ;സേവകന്‍ - Sevakan‍ ;അകമ്പടിക്കാരൻ - Akampadikkaaran | Akampadikkaran ;ഉപഗ്രഹം - Upagraham ;(പ്രയോഗം)അനുചരന്‍ - (prayogam)anucharan‍ ;അകന്പടിക്കാരന്‍ - Akanpadikkaaran‍ | Akanpadikkaran‍ ;വാലിൽതൂങ്ങി - Vaalilthoongi | Valilthoongi ;


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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