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Formerly, a skirmish; now, a general row or confused fight or struggle.

  1. Football The contest between two teams from the time the ball is snapped until it is declared dead.
  2. Sports A practice session or informal game, as between two units of the same team.
  3. A rough-and-tumble struggle; a tussle.
  4. A skirmish.
  5. Sports To engage in a scrimmage.

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× കോലാഹലം - Kolaahalam | Kolahalam
× കോലാഹലം - Kolaahalam | Kolahalam
× തകരാര്‍ - Thakaraar‍ | Thakarar‍
× തകരാറ് - Thakaraaru | Thakararu


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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