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A title originally conferred by the Mikado on the military governor of the eastern provinces of Japan. By gradual usurpation of power the Shoguns (known to foreigners as Tycoons) became finally the virtual rulers of Japan. The title was abolished in 1867.

  1. The hereditary commander of the Japanese army who until 1867 exercised absolute rule under the nominal leadership of the emperor.

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× ജപ്പാനീസ് സർവ്വസൈന്യാധിപൻ - Jappaaneesu Sarvvasainyaadhipan | Jappaneesu Sarvvasainyadhipan
× ജപ്പാനീസ് സര്‍വ്വസൈന്യാധിപന്‍ - Jappaaneesu Sar‍vvasainyaadhipan‍ | Jappaneesu Sar‍vvasainyadhipan‍


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