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One who, or that which, skims; esp., a utensil with which liquids are skimmed.

  1. One that skims, such as a large perforated spoon used in skimming liquids.
  2. A light, usually straw hat with a stiff wide brim and a flat shallow crown.
  3. Any of several chiefly coastal birds of the genus Rynchops, having long narrow wings and a long bill with a longer lower mandible for skimming the water's surface for food.
  4. A black skimmer.

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× തവി - Thavi
× മീന്‍കൊത്തിപ്പക്ഷി - Meen‍koththippakshi | Meen‍kothippakshi
× വൈദഗ്ദ്ധ്യം - Vaidhagddhyam | Vaidhagdhyam
× മീൻകൊത്തിപ്പക്ഷി - Meenkoththippakshi | Meenkothippakshi
× പാട നീക്കുന്നവന്‍ - Paada Neekkunnavan‍ | Pada Neekkunnavan‍


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