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To cut off the nip or neb of, or to cut off at once with shears or scissors; to clip off suddenly; to nip; hence, to break off; to snatch away.

  1. To cut, clip, or separate (something) with short, quick strokes.
  2. To cut or clip with short, quick strokes.
  3. An instance of snipping or the sound produced by snipping.
  4. A small cut made with scissors or shears.
  5. A small piece cut or clipped off.
  6. A bit or scrap: snips of information about the merger.
  7. Informal One that is small or slight in size or stature.
  8. Informal A person regarded as impertinent or mischievous.
  9. Hand shears used in cutting sheet metal.
  10. Slang Something easily accomplished.

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× എടുത്തുകളയുക - Eduththukalayuka | Eduthukalayuka
× കത്രികയുടെ പ്രവർത്തനം - Kathrikayude Pravarththanam | Kathrikayude Pravarthanam
× ഛിന്നഭാഗം - Chinnabhaagam | Chinnabhagam


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