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A bulbous plant (Galanthus nivalis) bearing white flowers, which often appear while the snow is on the ground. It is cultivated in gardens for its beauty.

  1. Any of several bulbous Eurasian plants of the genus Galanthus, having solitary, nodding white flowers that bloom in early spring.

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× ഹിമം - Himam
× വെളുത്ത പുഷ്‌പങ്ങളുള്ള ഒരു സസ്യം - Veluththa Pushpangalulla Oru Sasyam | Velutha Pushpangalulla Oru Sasyam
× മഞ്ഞുപെയ്ത്ത് - Manjupeyththu | Manjupeythu


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