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  1. A chiefly social organization of women students at a college or university, usually designated by Greek letters.
  2. An association or a society of women.

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× സർവ്വകലാശാലകളിലെയും കോളജുകളിലെയും വനിതാസമാജം - Sarvvakalaashaalakalileyum Kolajukalileyum Vanithaasamaajam | Sarvvakalashalakalileyum Kolajukalileyum Vanithasamajam
× സര്‍വ്വകലാശാലകളിലെയും കോളജുകളിലെയും വനിതാസമാജം - Sar‍vvakalaashaalakalileyum Kolajukalileyum Vanithaasamaajam | Sar‍vvakalashalakalileyum Kolajukalileyum Vanithasamajam
× സ്‌ത്രീ സമാജം - Sthree Samaajam | Sthree Samajam


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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