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A Greek measure of length, being the chief one used for itinerary distances, also adopted by the Romans for nautical and astronomical measurements. It was equal to 600 Greek or 625 Roman feet, or 125 Roman paces, or to 606 feet 9 inches English. This was also called the Olympic stadium, as being the exact length of the foot-race course at Olympia.

  1. A large, usually open structure for sports events with tiered seating for spectators.
  2. A course on which foot races were held in ancient Greece, usually semicircular and having tiers of seats for spectators.
  3. An ancient Greek measure of distance, based on the length of such a course and equal to about 185 meters (607 feet).
  4. Medicine A stage or period in the course of a disease.
  5. Biology A stage in the development or life history of an organism.

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× വിഹാരരംഗം - Vihaararamgam | Vihararamgam
× കായികമത്സരങ്ങള്‍ക്കുള്ള മൈതാനം - Kaayikamathsarangal‍kkulla Maithaanam | Kayikamathsarangal‍kkulla Maithanam
× കൂമ്പാരം - Koompaaram | Koomparam
× അറുനൂറ്റിയാറടി ഒമ്പതിഞ്ച്‌ അളവ്‌ - Arunoottiyaaradi Ompathinchu Alavu | Arunoottiyaradi Ompathinchu Alavu
× സഞ്ചയം - Sanchayam
× കായികമത്സരങ്ങൾക്കുള്ള മൈതാനം - Kaayikamathsarangalkkulla Maithaanam | Kayikamathsarangalkkulla Maithanam
× മൈതാനം - Maithaanam | Maithanam


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