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A line of stout posts or timbers set firmly in the earth in contact with each other (and usually with loopholes) to form a barrier, or defensive fortification.

  1. A defensive barrier made of strong posts or timbers driven upright side by side into the ground.
  2. A similar fenced or enclosed area, especially one used for protection.
  3. A jail on a military base.
  4. To fortify, protect, or surround with a stockade.

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× മരത്തൂതണ്‍നിര - Maraththoothan‍nira | Marathoothan‍nira
× ശേഖരം - Shekharam
× മരത്തൂണ്‍ നിര - Maraththoon‍ Nira | Marathoon‍ Nira
× വേലി - Veli
× ഓഹരി - Ohari
× മരവേലി - Maraveli
× മരത്തൂൺ നിര - Maraththoon Nira | Marathoon Nira
× മരത്തൂതൺനിര - Maraththoothannira | Marathoothannira


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