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One who, or that which, stretches.

  1. A litter, usually of canvas stretched over a frame, used to transport the sick, wounded, or dead.
  2. One that stretches, such as the wooden framework on which canvas is stretched for an oil painting.
  3. A usually horizontal tie beam or brace serving to support or extend a framework.
  4. A brick or stone laid parallel to the face of a wall so that only its long side is showing.

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× ഡോളി - Doli
× രോഗിയെ വഹിക്കാനുളള സ്ട്രെച്ചര്‍ - Rogiye Vahikkaanulala Sdrechar‍ | Rogiye Vahikkanulala Sdrechar‍
× കള്ളം - Kallam
× മഞ്ചല്‍ - Manchal‍
× രോഗിയെ വഹിച്ചുപോകാനുള്ള സ്‌ട്രച്ചര്‍ - Rogiye Vahichupokaanulla Sdrachar‍ | Rogiye Vahichupokanulla Sdrachar‍
× രോഗിയെ വഹിക്കാനുളള സ്ട്രെച്ചർ - Rogiye Vahikkaanulala Sdrechar | Rogiye Vahikkanulala Sdrechar
× രോഗകള്‍ക്കായുള്ള മഞ്ചല്‍ - Rogakal‍kkaayulla Manchal‍ | Rogakal‍kkayulla Manchal‍
× മഞ്ചൽ - Manchal


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