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To scatter; to spread by scattering; to cast or to throw loosely apart; -- used of solids, separated or separable into parts or particles; as, to strew seed in beds; to strew sand on or over a floor; to strew flowers over a grave.

  1. To spread here and there; scatter: strewing flowers down the aisle.
  2. To cover (an area or a surface) with things scattered or sprinkled: "Italy . . . was strewn thick with the remains of Roman buildings” ( Bernard Berenson).
  3. To be or become dispersed over (a surface).
  4. To spread (something) over a wide area; disseminate.

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× ചിതറുക - Chitharuka
× പരത്തുക - Paraththuka | Parathuka
× വ്യാപിപ്പിക്കുക - Vyaapippikkuka | Vyapippikkuka
× വിതറുക - Vitharuka


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