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A metallic element of the calcium group, always naturally occurring combined, as in the minerals strontianite, celestite, etc. It is isolated as a yellowish metal, somewhat malleable but harder than calcium. It is chiefly employed (as in the nitrate) to color pyrotechnic flames red. Symbol Sr. Atomic weight 87.3.

  1. A soft, silvery, easily oxidized metallic element that ignites spontaneously in air when finely divided. Strontium is used in pyrotechnic compounds and various alloys. Atomic number 38; atomic weight 87.62; melting point 769°C; boiling point 1,384°C; specific gravity 2.54; valence 2. See Table at element.

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സ്‌ട്രാന്‍ഷിയം - Sdraan‍shiyam | Sdran‍shiyam ;ഒരു വെളുത്ത ലോഹം - Oru Veluththa Loham | Oru Velutha Loham ;രൂക്ഷമായി - Rookshamaayi | Rookshamayi ;ഉറപ്പിച്ച് - Urappichu ;സ്‌ട്രാൻഷിയം - Sdraanshiyam | Sdranshiyam ;പ്രസ്‌തുത ലോഹത്തിന്റെ രാതശശക്തിയുള്ള സമസ്ഥാനീയം - Prasthutha Lohaththinte Raathashashakthiyulla Samasthaaneeyam | Prasthutha Lohathinte Rathashashakthiyulla Samasthaneeyam ;

ശക്തിയായി - Shakthiyaayi | Shakthiyayi ;ഒരു മഞ്ഞലോഹം - Oru Manjaloham ;ഒരു വെളുത്ത ലോഹം - Oru Veluththa Loham | Oru Velutha Loham ;ഒരു മഞ്ഞലോഹം - Oru Manjaloham ;


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