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In Greek choruses and dances, the movement of the chorus while turning from the right to the left of the orchestra; hence, the strain, or part of the choral ode, sung during this movement. Also sometimes used of a stanza of modern verse. See the Note under Antistrophe.

  1. The first of a pair of stanzas of alternating form on which the structure of a given poem is based.
  2. A stanza containing irregular lines.
  3. The first division of the triad constituting a section of a Pindaric ode.
  4. The first movement of the chorus in classical Greek drama while turning from one side of the orchestra to the other.
  5. The part of a choral ode sung while this movement is executed.

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× ശക്തിയായി - Shakthiyaayi | Shakthiyayi
× രൂക്ഷമായി - Rookshamaayi | Rookshamayi


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