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Abounding with stubs.

  1. Having the nature of or suggesting a stub, as in shortness, broadness, or thickness: stubby fingers and toes.
  2. Having a short, stocky build; thickset.
  3. Short and blunt, as from much use: a stubby pencil. See Regional Note at stob.
  4. Covered with or made of stubs.
  5. Short and bristly: a stubby beard.

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× കുറുകിയതും വണ്ണമുള്ളതുമായ - Kurukiyathum Vannamullathumaaya | Kurukiyathum Vannamullathumaya
× കുറ്റിയായ - Kuttiyaaya | Kuttiyaya
× വഴങ്ങാത്ത - Vazhangaaththa | Vazhangatha
× കുറിയതും തടിച്ചതും പരുക്കനുമായ - Kuriyathum Thadichathum Parukkanumaaya | Kuriyathum Thadichathum Parukkanumaya


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