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Support; aid; coöperation; esp., extraordinary aid in money rendered to the sovereign or to a friendly power.

  1. Monetary assistance granted by a government to a person or group in support of an enterprise regarded as being in the public interest.
  2. Financial assistance given by one person or government to another.
  3. Money formerly granted to the British Crown by Parliament.

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× സഹായമൂല്യം - Sahaayamoolyam | Sahayamoolyam
× കരം - Karam
× ധനസഹായം - Dhanasahaayam | Dhanasahayam
× സഹായദ്രവ്യം - Sahaayadhravyam | Sahayadhravyam
× ദ്രവ്യസഹായം - Dhravyasahaayam | Dhravyasahayam
× സഹായധനം - Sahaayadhanam | Sahayadhanam


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