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A teat.

  1. To cause or allow to take milk at the breast or udder; nurse.
  2. To take milk at the breast or udder of.
  3. To take in as sustenance; have as nourishment.
  4. To nourish as if with the milk of the breast; nurture: "a pagan suckled in a creed outworn” ( William Wordsworth).
  5. To suck at the breast or udder.

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× മുലകൊടുത്തു വളർത്തുക - Mulakoduththu Valarththuka | Mulakoduthu Valarthuka
× മുലകുടി മാറാത്ത കുഞ്ഞ്‌ - Mulakudi Maaraaththa Kunju | Mulakudi Maratha Kunju
× മുലകുടി മാറാത്ത ശിശു - Mulakudi Maaraaththa Shishu | Mulakudi Maratha Shishu
× അങ്ങനത്തെ - Anganaththe | Anganathe
× മുലകൊടുത്തു വളര്‍ത്തുക - Mulakoduththu Valar‍ththuka | Mulakoduthu Valar‍thuka


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