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  1. The sport of riding on the crest or along the tunnel of a wave, especially while standing or lying on a surfboard. Also called surfboarding.
  2. Informal The activity of casually looking at something that offers numerous options, such as the Internet or television.

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പത - Patha ;നുര - Nura ;സമുദ്രതീരത്തുള്ള ഒരിനം വാത്ത്‌ - Samudhratheeraththulla Orinam Vaaththu | Samudhratheerathulla Orinam Vathu ;തിരമാല - Thiramaala | Thiramala ;തിരമാലകൾക്കിടയിലെ കുളി - Thiramaalakalkkidayile Kuli | Thiramalakalkkidayile Kuli ;ഫേനം - Phenam ;

;തിരത്തോണി - Thiraththoni | Thirathoni ;വെബ്‌സൈറ്റുകളിലൂടെയുള്ള അന്വേഷണം - Vebsaittukaliloodeyulla Anveshanam ;തിരയടി - Thirayadi ;സമുദ്രസ്‌നാനം - Samudhrasnaanam | Samudhrasnanam ;തിര - Thira ;


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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