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A spring; a fountain.

  1. To rise and move in a billowing or swelling manner.
  2. To roll or be tossed about on waves, as a boat.
  3. To move like advancing waves: The fans surged forward to see the movie star.
  4. To increase suddenly: As favorable reviews came out, interest in the software surged.
  5. To improve one's performance suddenly, especially in bettering one's standing in a competition.
  6. Nautical To slip around a windlass. Used of a rope.
  7. Nautical To loosen or slacken (a cable) gradually.
  8. A heavy billowing or swelling motion like that of great waves.
  9. Wave motion with low height and a shorter period than a swell.
  10. A coastal rise in water level caused by wind.
  11. The forward and backward motion of a ship subjected to wave action.
  12. A sudden onrush: a surge of joy.
  13. A period of intense effort that improves a competitor's standing, as in a race.
  14. A sudden, transient increase or oscillation in electric current or voltage.
  15. An instability in the power output of an engine.
  16. Astronomy A brief, violent disturbance occurring during the eruption of a solar flare.
  17. Nautical The part of a windlass into which the cable surges.
  18. Nautical A temporary release or slackening of a cable.

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× തിരമാല - Thiramaala | Thiramala
× മോത - Motha
× തരംഗം - Tharamgam
× ഓളം - Olam


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