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An oval figure, whose moldings are oblique to the axis of the work.

  1. A splash of water or other liquid hitting a solid surface.
  2. The sound of such a splash.
  3. A narrow channel through which tides flow.
  4. A bar over which waves wash freely.
  5. See uprush.
  6. Swagger or bluster.
  7. A swaggering or blustering person.
  8. To strike, move, or wash with a splashing sound.
  9. To swagger.
  10. To splash (a liquid).
  11. To splash a liquid against.

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× സംഘം - Samgham
× ശക്തിയായി അടിക്കുക - Shakthiyaayi Adikkuka | Shakthiyayi Adikkuka
× പുരുഷാരം - Purushaaram | Purusharam


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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