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Affording a general view of the whole, or of the principal parts of a thing; as, a synoptic table; a synoptical statement of an argument.

  1. Of or constituting a synopsis; presenting a summary of the principal parts or a general view of the whole.
  2. Taking the same point of view.
  3. Relating to or being the first three gospels of the New Testament, which share content, style, and order of events and which differ largely from John.
  4. Meteorology Of or relating to data obtained nearly simultaneously over a large area of the atmosphere.

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× സാരഭൂതമായ - Saarabhoothamaaya | Sarabhoothamaya
× സാരസംഗ്രഹമായി - Saarasamgrahamaayi | Sarasamgrahamayi
× സംഗ്രഹമായ - Samgrahamaaya | Samgrahamaya
× സംക്ഷിപ്‌തമായ - Samkshipthamaaya | Samkshipthamaya
× സംക്ഷിപ്‌തവിവരണമായ - Samkshipthavivaranamaaya | Samkshipthavivaranamaya
× ചുരുക്കരൂപമായ - Churukkaroopamaaya | Churukkaroopamaya


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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