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Of or pert. to military or naval tactics; hence, pert. to, or characterized by, planning or maneuvering.

  1. Of, relating to, or using tactics.
  2. Of, relating to, used in, or involving military or naval operations that are smaller, closer to base, and of less long-term significance than strategic operations.
  3. Carried out in support of military or naval operations: tactical bombing.
  4. Characterized by adroitness, ingenuity, or skill.

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× സാമ്പ്രദായിക - Saampradhaayika | Sampradhayika
× കര്‍മ്മകുശലമായ - Kar‍mmakushalamaaya | Kar‍mmakushalamaya
× സൈനീകതന്ത്രപരമായ - Saineekathanthraparamaaya | Saineekathanthraparamaya
× കർമ്മകുശലമായ - Karmmakushalamaaya | Karmmakushalamaya
× തന്ത്രപരമായ - Thanthraparamaaya | Thanthraparamaya
× ചാതുര - Chaathura | Chathura


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