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A leguminous tree (Tamarindus Indica) cultivated both the Indies, and the other tropical countries, for the sake of its shade, and for its fruit. The trunk of the tree is lofty and large, with wide-spreading branches; the flowers are in racemes at the ends of the branches. The leaves are small and finely pinnated.

  1. A tropical Asian evergreen tree (Tamarindus indica) having pinnately compound leaves, pale yellow flowers, and long pods containing small seeds embedded in an edible pulp.
  2. The fruit of this tree.

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× വാളൻപുളി - Vaalanpuli | Valanpuli
× പുളി - Puli
× വാളന്‍ പുളി - Vaalan‍ Puli | Valan‍ Puli
× വാളന്‍പുളി - Vaalan‍puli | Valan‍puli


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