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A rare nonmetallic element found in certain minerals, as tantalite, samarskite, and fergusonite, and isolated as a dark powder which becomes steel-gray by burnishing. Symbol Ta. Atomic weight 182.0. Formerly called also tantalium.

  1. A very hard, heavy, gray metallic element that is exceptionally resistant to chemical attack below 150°C. It is used to make light-bulb filaments, electrolytic capacitors, lightning arresters, nuclear reactor parts, and some surgical instruments. Atomic number 73; atomic weight 180.948; melting point 2,996°C; boiling point 5,425°C; specific gravity 16.6; valence 2, 3, 4, 5. See Table at element.

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× താന്തലം - Thaanthalam | Thanthalam
× അണുസംഖ്യ 73 ആയ ഒരു മൂലധാതുപദാര്‍ത്ഥം - Anusamkhya 73 Aaya Oru Mooladhaathupadhaar‍ththam | Anusamkhya 73 aya Oru Mooladhathupadhar‍tham
× താന്തതല ലോഹാംശം - Thaanthathala Lohaamsham | Thanthathala Lohamsham
× അണുസംഖ്യ എഴുപത്തിമൂന്ന് ആയ ഒരു മൂലധാതു പദാര്‍ത്ഥം - Anusamkhya Ezhupaththimoonnu Aaya Oru Mooladhaathu Padhaar‍ththam | Anusamkhya Ezhupathimoonnu aya Oru Mooladhathu Padhar‍tham
× താന്തതല ലോഹാംശം - Thaanthathala Lohaamsham | Thanthathala Lohamsham


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