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An apparatus, or a process, for communicating intelligence rapidly between distant points, especially by means of preconcerted visible or audible signals representing words or ideas, or by means of words and signs, transmitted by electrical action.

  1. A communications system that transmits and receives simple unmodulated electric impulses, especially one in which the transmission and reception stations are directly connected by wires.
  2. A message transmitted by telegraph; a telegram.
  3. To transmit (a message) by telegraph.
  4. To send or convey a message to (a recipient) by telegraph.
  5. To make known (a feeling or an attitude, for example) by nonverbal means: telegraphed her derision with a smirk.
  6. To make known (an intended action, for example) in advance or unintentionally: By massing troops on the border, the enemy telegraphed its intended invasion to the target country.
  7. To send or transmit a telegram.

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× കമ്പിത്തപാൽ - Kampiththapaal | Kampithapal
× കന്പിത്തപാല്‍ - Kanpiththapaal‍ | Kanpithapal‍


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