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An insect characterized by having but four perfect legs, as certain of the butterflies.

  1. Having four feet, legs, or leglike appendages.
  2. A vertebrate animal with four feet, legs, or leglike appendages.

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× ചതുഷ്‌പാദ്‌ - Chathushpaadhu | Chathushpadhu
× നാലുകാലുള്ള മൃഗം - Naalukaalulla Mrugam | Nalukalulla Mrugam
× നാലുകാലുളള മൃഗം - Naalukaalulala Mrugam | Nalukalulala Mrugam
× ചതുഷ്പാദ് - Chathushpaadhu | Chathushpadhu


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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