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The act or art of weaving.

  1. A structure of interwoven fibers or other elements.
  2. The distinctive physical composition or structure of something, especially with respect to the size, shape, and arrangment of its parts: the texture of sandy soil; the texture of cooked fish.
  3. The appearance and feel of a surface: the smooth texture of soap.
  4. A rough or grainy surface quality: Brick walls give a room texture.
  5. Distinctive or identifying quality or character: "an intensely meditative poet [who] conveys the religious and cultural texture of time spent in a Benedictine monastery” ( New York Times).
  6. The quality given to a piece of art, literature, or music by the interrelationship of its elements: "The baroque influence in his music is clear here, with the harmonic complexity and texture” ( Rachelle Roe).
  7. To give texture to, especially to impart desirable surface characteristics to: texture a printing plate by lining and stippling it.

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× ഗുണം - Gunam
× രചന - Rachana
× പാവ്‌ - Paavu | Pavu
× സംവിധാനം - Samvidhaanam | Samvidhanam
× നെയ്‌തസാധനം - Neythasaadhanam | Neythasadhanam
× തന്തുരചന - Thanthurachana
× തറി - Thari
× ആരടുപ്പം - Aaraduppam | araduppam
× ഇഴഗുണം - Izhagunam
× നെയ്ത സാധനം - Neytha Saadhanam | Neytha Sadhanam


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