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Of or pertaining to heat; warm; hot; as, the thermal unit; thermal waters.

  1. Of, relating to, using, producing, or caused by heat.
  2. Intended or designed in such a way as to help retain body heat: thermal underwear.
  3. A rising current of warm air.

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ഉഷ്‌ണത്തിന്റെ - Ushnaththinte | Ushnathinte ;thermal powerstaton താപനിലയം - thermal Powerstaton Thaapanilayam | thermal Powerstaton Thapanilayam ;ഉഷ്‌ണന്യൂട്രാണുകളെ ഉപയോഗപ്പെടുത്തുന്ന റിയാക്‌ടർ - Ushnanyoodraanukale Upayogappeduththunna Riyaakdar | Ushnanyoodranukale Upayogappeduthunna Riyakdar ;ചൂടായി - Choodaayi | Choodayi ;താപസംബന്ധിയായ - Thaapasambandhiyaaya | Thapasambandhiyaya ;ഉഷ്‌ണമുള്ള - Ushnamulla ;

ചൂടോടെ - Choodode ;താപധാരക്വം - Thaapadhaarakvam | Thapadharakvam ;ഭൂമധ്യരേഖ - Bhoomadhyarekha ;


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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