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A metallic element found in certain rare minerals, as thorite, pyrochlore, monazite, etc., and isolated as an infusible gray metallic powder which burns in the air and forms thoria; -- formerly called also thorinum. Symbol Th. Atomic weight 232.0.

  1. A radioactive silvery-white metallic element that is recovered commercially from monazite. Its longest-lived isotope, the only one that occurs naturally, is Th 232 with a half-life of 1.41 × 1010 years. It is used in magnesium alloys, and isotope 232 is a source of nuclear energy. Atomic number 90; atomic weight 232.038; approximate melting point 1,750°C; approximate boiling point 4,500°C; approximate specific gravity 11.7; valence 4. See Table at element.

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× അണുസംഖ്യ തൊണ്ണൂറ് ആയ മൂലകം - Anusamkhya Thonnooru Aaya Moolakam | Anusamkhya Thonnooru aya Moolakam
× അണുസംഖ്യ 90 ആയ മൂലകം - Anusamkhya 90 Aaya Moolakam | Anusamkhya 90 aya Moolakam
× തോറിയം - Thoriyam


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