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The act or process of titrating; a substance obtained by titrating.

  1. The process, operation, or method of determining the concentration of a substance in solution by adding to it a standard reagent of known concentration in carefully measured amounts until a reaction of definite and known proportion is completed, as shown by a color change or by electrical measurement, and then calculating the unknown concentration.

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× അനുമാനം ചെയ്യുക - Anumaanam Cheyyuka | Anumanam Cheyyuka
× അനുപാമ്യത - Anupaamyatha | Anupamyatha
× ഒരു ലായനിയുടെ സാന്ദ്രത കാണല്‍ - Oru Laayaniyude Saandhratha Kaanal‍ | Oru Layaniyude Sandhratha Kanal‍
× ഒരു ലായനിയുടെ സാന്ദ്രത കാണൽ - Oru Laayaniyude Saandhratha Kaanal | Oru Layaniyude Sandhratha Kanal
× ഒരു ലായനിയുടെ സാന്ദ്രത കാണുക - Oru Laayaniyude Saandhratha Kaanuka | Oru Layaniyude Sandhratha Kanuka
× അനുമാപ്യം - Anumaapyam | Anumapyam
× തലവാചകം - Thalavaachakam | Thalavachakam


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