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One of the various general forms of argument employed in probable as distinguished from demonstrative reasoning, -- denominated by Aristotle to`poi (literally, places), as being the places or sources from which arguments may be derived, or to which they may be referred; also, a prepared form of argument, applicable to a great variety of cases, with a supply of which the ancient rhetoricians and orators provided themselves; a commonplace of argument or oratory.

  1. The subject of a speech, essay, thesis, or discourse.
  2. A subject of discussion or conversation.
  3. A subdivision of a theme, thesis, or outline. See Synonyms at subject.
  4. Linguistics A word or phrase in a sentence, usually providing information from previous discourse or shared knowledge, that the rest of the sentence elaborates or comments on. Also called theme.

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× the topic one wishes മനോരഥം - the Topic One Wishes Manoratham
× ചർച്ചാവിഷയം - Charchaavishayam | Charchavishayam
× topic of discussion പ്രശ്നം - topic Of Discussion Prashnam
× സംഗതി - Samgathi
× topic that has to be discussed പ്രതിപാദ്യം - topic That Has To Be Discussed Prathipaadhyam | topic That Has To Be Discussed Prathipadhyam
× പ്രതിപാദ്യം - Prathipaadhyam | Prathipadhyam
× സംഭാഷണവിഷയം - Sambhaashanavishayam | Sambhashanavishayam
× a topic അധികരണം - a Topic Adhikaranam
× ചര്‍ച്ചാവിജയം - Char‍chaavijayam | Char‍chavijayam
× topic of consideration 1. അപ്രകൃതം    2. പ്രസ്തുതം - topic Of Consideration 1. Aprakrutham    2. Prasthutham
× topic of dispute പ്രമേയം - topic Of Dispute Prameyam
× ചര്‍ച്ചാവിഷയം - Char‍chaavishayam | Char‍chavishayam
× വിഷയം - Vishayam


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