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To hunt by the track; to track.

  1. To allow to drag or stream behind, as along the ground: The dog ran off, trailing its leash.
  2. To drag (the body, for example) wearily or heavily.
  3. To follow the traces or scent of, as in hunting; track.
  4. To follow the course taken by; pursue: trail a fugitive.
  5. To follow behind: several cruisers trailed by an escorting destroyer.
  6. To lag behind (an opponent): trailed the league leader by four games.
  7. To drag or be dragged along, brushing the ground: The queen's long robe trailed behind.
  8. To extend, grow, or droop loosely over a surface: vines trailing through the garden.
  9. To drift in a thin stream: smoke trailing from a dying fire.
  10. To become gradually fainter; dwindle: His voice trailed off in confusion.
  11. To walk or proceed with dragging steps; trudge.
  12. To be behind in competition; lag: trailing by two goals in the second period.
  13. A marked or beaten path, as through woods or wilderness.
  14. An overland route: the pioneers' trail across the prairies.
  15. A mark, trace, course, or path left by a moving body.
  16. The scent of a person or animal: The dogs lost the trail of the fox.
  17. Something that is drawn along or follows behind; a train: The mayor was followed by a trail of reporters.
  18. A succession of things that come afterward or are left behind: left a trail of broken promises.
  19. Something that hangs loose and long: Trails of ticker tape floated down from office windows.
  20. The part of a gun carriage that rests or slides on the ground.
  21. The act of trailing.

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കാലടിപ്പാത - Kaaladippaatha | Kaladippatha ;ചവിട്ടടിനോക്കി പിന്തുടരുക - Chavittadinokki Pinthudaruka ;ചവിട്ടടി - Chavittadi ;നടത്താര - Nadaththaara | Nadathara ;പിന്നിലായിപ്പോവുക - Pinnilaayippovuka | Pinnilayippovuka ;ചവിട്ടചിനോക്കി പിന്തുടരുക - Chavittachinokki Pinthudaruka ;

പടരുക - Padaruka ;പന്തലിക്കുക - Panthalikkuka ;പരാജയപ്പെടുക - Paraajayappeduka | Parajayappeduka ;സായാസം ചലിക്കുക - Saayaasam Chalikkuka | Sayasam Chalikkuka ;കാല്പാടു നോക്കിപ്പോകുക - Kaalpaadu Nokkippokuka | Kalpadu Nokkippokuka ;പിന്നാലെ പോവുക - Pinnaale Povuka | Pinnale Povuka ;അടയാളം - Adayaalam | Adayalam ;വലിച്ചിഴയ്ക്കുക - Valichizhaykkuka ;തോല്‍ക്കുക - Thol‍kkuka ;പടര്‍ന്നു കയറുക - Padar‍nnu Kayaruka ;വലിച്ചിഴയ്‌ക്കുക - Valichizhaykkuka ;ഇഴച്ചുവലിക്കുക - Izhachuvalikkuka ;പിന്നിലാവുക - Pinnilaavuka | Pinnilavuka ;ചിഹ്നം - Chihnam ;തുടര്‍ച്ച - Thudar‍cha ;വനപഥം - Vanapatham ;വേട്ടയാടുക - Vettayaaduka | Vettayaduka ;


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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