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The series or network of triangles into which the face of a country, or any portion of it, is divided in a trigonometrical survey; the operation of measuring the elements necessary to determine the triangles into which the country to be surveyed is supposed to be divided, and thus to fix the positions and distances of the several points connected by them.

  1. A surveying technique in which a region is divided into a series of triangular elements based on a line of known length so that accurate measurements of distances and directions may be made by the application of trigonometry.
  2. The network of triangles so laid out.
  3. The location of an unknown point, as in navigation, by the formation of a triangle having the unknown point and two known points as the vertices.

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ത്രികോണം - Thrikonam ;ത്രികോണമാപനം ചെയ്യുക - Thrikonamaapanam Cheyyuka | Thrikonamapanam Cheyyuka ;ത്രികോണപരമ്പര - Thrikonaparampara ;ത്രികോണ ക്ഷേത്രമാപനം - Thrikona Kshethramaapanam | Thrikona Kshethramapanam ;ത്രികോണ ക്ഷേത്രമാപനം - Thrikona Kshethramaapanam | Thrikona Kshethramapanam ;ത്രികോണപരമ്പര - Thrikonaparampara ;

ത്രികോണാകൃതി വരുത്തൽ - Thrikonaakruthi Varuththal | Thrikonakruthi Varuthal ;ത്രികോണമാപനം ചെയ്യല്‍ - Thrikonamaapanam Cheyyal‍ | Thrikonamapanam Cheyyal‍ ;ത്രികോണാകൃതി വരുത്തല്‍ - Thrikonaakruthi Varuththal‍ | Thrikonakruthi Varuthal‍ ;


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