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A sign or memorial of a victory raised on the field of battle, or, in case of a naval victory, on the nearest land. Sometimes trophies were erected in the chief city of the conquered people.

  1. A prize or memento, such as a cup or plaque, received as a symbol of victory, especially in sports.
  2. A specimen or part, such as a lion's head, preserved as a token of a successful hunt.
  3. A memento, as of one's personal achievements.
  4. The spoils of war, dedicated in classical antiquity with an inscription to a deity and set up as a temporary monument on or near a battlefield, placed in an existing temple, or housed in a permanent, new structure.
  5. Architecture An ornamental marble carving or bronze casting depicting a group of weapons or armor placed upon a square or circular base.

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× വിജയസ്മാരകം - Vijayasmaarakam | Vijayasmarakam
× കീര്‍ത്തിസ്‌തംഭം - Keer‍ththisthambham | Keer‍thisthambham
× സമ്മാനം - Sammaanam | Sammanam
× വിജയസ്‌മാരകം - Vijayasmaarakam | Vijayasmarakam
× പിടിച്ചുപറിച്ച സ്വത്ത്‌ - Pidichuparicha Svaththu | Pidichuparicha swathu
× ജയസ്മാരം - Jayasmaaram | Jayasmaram
× ജയസ്‌മാരകം - Jayasmaarakam | Jayasmarakam


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