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Any one of several kinds of roundish, subterranean fungi, usually of a blackish color. The French truffle (Tuber melanosporum) and the English truffle (T. æstivum) are much esteemed as articles of food.

  1. Any of various fleshy, ascomycetous, edible fungi, chiefly of the genus Tuber, that grow underground on or near the roots of trees and are valued as a delicacy.
  2. Any of various chocolate confections, especially one made of a mixture including chopped nuts, rolled into balls and covered with cocoa powder.

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× ട്രഫിൾ (നടുക്ക്‌ ക്രീമോ വെണ്ണയോ ചേർത്ത ചോക്ലേറ്റ്‌) - Draphil (nadukku Kreemo Vennayo Cherththa Choklettu) | Draphil (nadukku Kreemo Vennayo Chertha Choklettu)
× സത്യം - Sathyam
× ട്രഫിള്‍ (നടുക്ക്‌ ക്രീമോ വെണ്ണയോ ചേര്‍ത്ത ചോക്ലേറ്റ്‌) - Draphil‍ (nadukku Kreemo Vennayo Cher‍ththa Choklettu) | Draphil‍ (nadukku Kreemo Vennayo Cher‍tha Choklettu)
× നേരെയാക്കുക - Nereyaakkuka | Nereyakkuka
× ശരി - Shari


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