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An open wooden vessel formed with staves, bottom, and hoops; a kind of short cask, half barrel, or firkin, usually with but one head, -- used for various purposes.

  1. An open, flat-bottomed vessel, usually round and typically wider than it is deep, used for washing, packing, or storing.
  2. The amount that such a vessel can hold.
  3. The contents of such a vessel.
  4. A bathtub.
  5. Informal A bath taken in a bathtub.
  6. Informal A wide, clumsy, slow-moving boat.
  7. A bucket used for conveying ore or coal up a mine shaft.
  8. A coal car used in a mine.
  9. To pack or store in a tub.
  10. To wash or bathe in a tub.
  11. To take a bath.

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× മരത്തൊട്ടി - Maraththotti | Marathotti
× തോണി - Thoni
× ചരുവം - Charuvam
× കുളിത്തൊട്ടി - Kuliththotti | Kulithotti
× മരത്തൊട്ടി - Maraththotti | Marathotti


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