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A prefix from the Latin ultra beyond (see Ulterior), having in composition the signification beyond, on the other side, chiefly when joined with words expressing relations of place; as, ultramarine, ultramontane, ultramundane, ultratropical, etc. In other relations it has the sense of excessively, exceedingly, beyond what is common, natural, right, or proper; as, ultraconservative; ultrademocratic, ultradespotic, ultraliberal, ultraradical, etc.

  1. Immoderately adhering to a belief, fashion, or course of action; extreme.
  2. An extremist.

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× അത്യധികമായ - Athyadhikamaaya | Athyadhikamaya
× നീലലോഹിതരശ്‌മിക്കപ്പുറത്തുള്ള - Neelalohitharashmikkappuraththulla | Neelalohitharashmikkappurathulla
× അപ്പുറത്തുള്ള - Appuraththulla | Appurathulla
× അധികമായ - Adhikamaaya | Adhikamaya
× കാല്‌പ്പനികത നിറഞ്ഞ - Kaalppanikatha Niranja | Kalppanikatha Niranja
× മറുഭാഗത്തെ - Marubhaagaththe | Marubhagathe


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