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The lower of inferior world; the world which is under the heavens; the earth.

  1. The part of society that is engaged in and organized for the purpose of crime and vice.
  2. A region, realm, or dwelling place conceived to be below the surface of the earth.
  3. The opposite side of the earth; the antipodes.
  4. Greek & Roman Mythology The world of the dead, located below the world of the living; Hades.
  5. Archaic The world beneath the heavens; the earth.

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× കുറ്റവാളിവര്‍ഗ്ഗം - Kuttavaalivar‍ggam | Kuttavalivar‍ggam
× പാതാളം - Paathaalam | Pathalam
× ആകാശത്തിനുകീഴിലുള്ള ലോകം - Aakaashaththinukeezhilulla Lokam | akashathinukeezhilulla Lokam
× പരേതാത്മാക്കളുടെ താവളം - Parethaathmaakkalude Thaavalam | Parethathmakkalude Thavalam
× തലലോകം - Thalalokam
× നീചതമജനങ്ങള്‍ - Neechathamajanangal‍


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