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One who holds that vegetables and fruits are the only proper food for man. Strict vegetarians eat no meat, eggs, or milk.

  1. One who practices vegetarianism.
  2. A herbivore.
  3. Of or relating to vegetarianism or vegetarians.
  4. Consisting primarily or wholly of vegetables and vegetable products: a vegetarian diet.

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× സസ്യഭുക്കിന്റേതായ - Sasyabhukkintethaaya | Sasyabhukkintethaya
× മത്സ്യമാംസങ്ങള്‍ തിന്നാത്തവന്‍ - Mathsyamaamsangal‍ Thinnaaththavan‍ | Mathsyamamsangal‍ Thinnathavan‍
× ശാകാഹാരീ - Shaakaahaaree | Shakaharee
× മത്സ്യമാംസങ്ങൾ തിന്നാത്തവൻ - Mathsyamaamsangal Thinnaaththavan | Mathsyamamsangal Thinnathavan


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