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A silk fabric, having a short, close nap of erect threads. Inferior qualities are made with a silk pile on a cotton or linen back.

  1. A soft fabric, such as silk, rayon, or nylon, having a smooth, dense pile and a plain underside.
  2. Something suggesting the smooth surface of velvet.
  3. Smoothness; softness.
  4. The soft, furry covering on the developing antlers of deer.
  5. Informal The winnings of a gambler.
  6. Informal A profit or gain beyond what is expected or due.
  7. New England See milk shake. See Regional Note at milk shake.

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× സൂര്‌കാന്തിപ്പട്ട്‌ - Soorkaanthippattu | Soorkanthippattu
× മൃദുവും ശാന്തവുമായ - Mrudhuvum Shaanthavumaaya | Mrudhuvum Shanthavumaya
× സൂര്യതകാന്തിപ്പട്ട് - Sooryathakaanthippattu | Sooryathakanthippattu
× സൂര്യകാന്തിപ്പട്ട് - Sooryakaanthippattu | Sooryakanthippattu


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