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Belonging to the country of one's birth; one's own by birth or nature; native; indigenous; -- now used chiefly of language; as, English is our vernacular language.

  1. The standard native language of a country or locality.
  2. The everyday language spoken by a people as distinguished from the literary language. See Synonyms at dialect.
  3. A variety of such everyday language specific to a social group or region: the vernaculars of New York City.
  4. The idiom of a particular trade or profession: in the legal vernacular.
  5. An idiomatic word, phrase, or expression.
  6. The common, nonscientific name of a plant or animal.
  7. Native to or commonly spoken by the members of a particular country or region.
  8. Using the native language of a region, especially as distinct from the literary language: a vernacular poet.
  9. Relating to or expressed in the native language or dialect.
  10. Of or being an indigenous building style using local materials and traditional methods of construction and ornament, especially as distinguished from academic or historical architectural styles.
  11. Occurring or existing in a particular locality; endemic: a vernacular disease.
  12. Relating to or designating the common, nonscientific name of a plant or animal.

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× മാതൃഭാഷ - Maathrubhaasha | Mathrubhasha
× സ്വന്തഭാഷയിലുള്ള - Svanthabhaashayilulla | swanthabhashayilulla
× സ്വഭാഷ - Svabhaasha | swabhasha
× നാട്ടുഭാഷ - Naattubhaasha | Nattubhasha
× ദേശഭാഷ - Dheshabhaasha | Dheshabhasha
× മാതൃഭാഷയിലുള്ള - Maathrubhaashayilulla | Mathrubhashayilulla
× നാട്ടുഭാഷയിലുള്ള - Naattubhaashayilulla | Nattubhashayilulla
× സ്വദേശഭാഷ - Svadheshabhaasha | swadheshabhasha
× ദേശ്യമായ - Dheshyamaaya | Dheshyamaya


The Usage is actually taken from the Verse(s) of English+Malayalam Holy Bible.


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